I was a Technical Artist on StarCraft II with a focus on community content creation.

I polished the internal art tools for public release, meticulously documented major systems, and created tutorials and tutorial assets to help community content creators. As well as helping to improve performance on community-made assets, such as ladder maps, that ended up included in the game.

I rigged a few characters for the game, notably an Abathur, an alien creature involved in the in-game story sequences.

I made additional tools, such as a normal map baking plugin with a tangent basis matched perfectly to the game, so that artist normal map transfers from high fidelity meshes to game ready meshes were exactly as they expected. This was critical for making shiny metal surfaces used on Protoss characters look correct.

I also helped with accessibility features, such as colorblind mode, as well as implementation of realtime cutscenes that worked seamlessly across 12 different locales with different audio recordings.